The continued tardiness by Guns N' Roses at their performances is not sitting well with European audiences, who've expressed their unhappiness in a pretty tangible way -- by throwing things at the stage.

NME reports that the band concluded their U.K. run Friday night in London, once again taking the stage about an hour behind schedule. While fans impatiently waited for the group to perform, venue officials attempted to thwart the backlash by announcing that extra transport was being made available for the evening in case the show wrapped up late.

But that did not deter some of the fans, who started pelting the band with money and beer glasses when they finally turned up 50 minutes after the scheduled start time, causing bassist Tommy Stinson (pictured above) to tell the audience, "If you throw any f---ing thing on stage, we'll go home."

Axl Rose, who had been the enforcer at other stops when the group started dodging projectiles from the crowd, commented that Stinson was "laying down the law" -- and the show went off fine from there.

But even with the "extra transport" announcement, there were still a number of fans who left a couple hours before the concert ended. The group did give those that stuck around their due with a full 33-song set that finished up at about 2:00 a.m.