Want to get so drunk on nostalgia for Guns N' Roses guitar-driven ballad 'Sweet Child O' Mine' that you have a raging hangover and don't get out of bed for two days? Well, we can help make that possible for you.

PopDose has collected a baker's dozen worth of versions of 'Sweet Child O' Mine,' ranging from the iconic 'Appetite For Destruction' original and a few quality live renditions from the band and its various alumni, to Sheryl Crow's wimpy, opening riff-less attempt and even a bossa nova version.

Besides the original, we likes the one played by the current lineup, where singer Axl Rose is the only original member. The "new guys" certainly have the song down note-for-note. It's flawless, as if Slash himself played it.

The acoustic version Slash recorded for the deluxe version of his self-titled solo record is so pretty it hurts. We are also partial to the live version he recorded in his Stoke-on-Trent hometown, too. The bossa nova version proves that the song is timeless and malleable, and that it fits the dimensions of atypical instrumentation, like most quality, solidly structured rock songs.

All we can say about Crow's version is "Tsk tsk." It's not really 'Sweet Child O' Mine' without the opening riff and she glosses right over it as if it never existed. That's blasphemy. End o' story.

Which is your favorite version of the song about her hair reminding you of a warm safe place where as a child you'd hide and pray for the thunder and the rain to quietly pass you by? Check out one of the oddest ones below, and head over to PopDose to see the rest.

Listen to Banda do Sul's Version of 'Sweet Child of Mine'

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