A chair removed during the infamous Guns N’ Roses fan riot near St. Louis recently sold on eBay for $122.

On July 2, 1991, fans at the Riverport Amphitheater in Missouri erupted in fury after singer Axl Rose stopped the show early and left the stage. He became incensed after seeing someone with a camera in the audience and, after shouting at security staff to deal with it, he waded into the crown. “Thanks to the lame-ass security, I'm going home,” he said before leaving the audience to riot. He was later arrested and fined for the incident. The band didn’t return to St. Louis until 2017.

“I was in the audience at the GNR concert that ended in the infamous ban of GNR in St. Louis in '91,” eBay use tamwild-0 wrote in the auction lot description. “A friend grabbed a chair during the mayhem on the way out and put it in my car. I’ve held on to this piece of history for 31 years. The wife said it’s time to find it a new home. I am auctioning the chair as well as the original ticket stub.”

While the user has no previous history on the site and didn’t even provide a picture of the actual chair, the auction drew seven bids and closed at $122.50, even though there is an eBay rule that states that “the sale of stolen property is not allowed on eBay. The sale of stolen property violates state, federal and international law, and we will work with law enforcement in any attempts to sell stolen property on eBay.”

Even after three decades, it seems that Guns N’ Roses’ relationship with St. Louis still isn’t on the straight and narrow.

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