Current Guns N' Roses lead guitarist Dj Ashba is no stranger to the perils of bullying and has recently become a spokesman foe the website, who's motto is 'Take the bull by the horns'. Ashba says he lived through and abusive childhood himself, and wants to help those going through the same things he dealt with.

In an interview with, Ashba spoke frankly, saying, "I was born into a very abusive situation where my dad was an angry man. And so I kind of lived with this thing for my whole life. I've worked my whole life to kind of figure all these things out on my own, and try to make myself a better person along the way."

BullyVille was founded by James A. McGibney who happens to be Ashba's neighbor. "I just bought a house in Las Vegas, and my neighbor is the founder of BullyVille. And he started telling me about the website he was doing," he said. "I felt this is a perfect vehicle to kind of come out, and do my part, and kind of bring awareness to the kids out there getting bullied, and letting them know that they're not alone out there."

"Cyber bullying is just massive right now," Ashba adds. "So it's one of those things where I think it's in our face a lot more. I don't really know. It seems like maybe due to the Internet and times are a little different that kids are acting out a little more it seems than when I was a kid."

Ashba is very proud to be connected with BullyVille, and is very sincere in his desire to help kids avoid the issues he faced. The guitarist added, "I just think it's a brilliant site. it's a place to go where you know you're not alone. I hope it just brings massive awareness out there to tons of kids. Hopefully gives kids hope."