Guns N' Roses have been named the 2011 Tour of the Year winner in the first annual Ultimate Classic Rock Awards. Axl Rose and company beat out Rush and Motley Crue in one of the most highly contested of our ten categories.

Almost one-third (32%, specifically) of the voters chose GNR's three-hour marathon concerts over Motley Crue's drum rollercoaster-filled smmer trek (24%) and Rush's 'Time Machine' tour (22%), with Journey, Alice Cooper and Kiss rounding out the field.

We were lucky enough to catch a show on Guns N' Roses tour a few weeks back, and if we haven't taken the time to file a report about how awesome it was yet, well, there's two good reasons. It's partially because the holiday rush overtook us but mostly because, to paraphrase Cartman, the show "warped our fragile little minds."

Rose, Dizzy Reed and the rest of the Gunners treated the crowd to an energetic (and nearly exhaustive) tour through the band's entire history, hitting all the "gotta be there" moments while still keeping things lively and not canned. 'Chinese Democracy' songs like 'Sorry' proved they belong in the band's impressive canon, and GNR proved they still have great taste in covers by busting out some old AC/DC tunes.

All told, over 230,000 people voted in the 2011 Ultimate Classic Rock Awards. You can see the final results for the Tour of the Year voting below, and then click to find out who won in the other nine categories.

View the 2011 Ultimate Classic Rock Awards 'Best Tour' Voting Results