Despite being the singer in a group that bears his surname, Gregg Allman of the Allman Brothers Band swears he is not the leader. In a new interview, the 64-year old says that the music, not any one person, is in charge.

"What are you talking about, leader?" he asked Spinner. "There is no leader in this. We all do our thing. I mean, as far as signing things, you know, I do that. But as far as a leader? The only time we're led, so to speak, it goes on in the studio and the producer does that."

Later he added, "I think our passion toward music is the reason we've lasted for so long."

Allman has just released a memoir, 'My Cross to Bear' and is about to get married for the seventh time, to 24-year old Shannon Williams. He began writing the book in 1981, but had never planned to release it publicly until he showed it to his new manager, who asked his permission to try to get it published.

"I didn't realize I had a book," he continued. "I just wrote it down like as a journal. Because I had a very, very, very nice life. And I wrote all down so when I'm in this rocking chair in the porch. I can pick it up and relive some of it."