Artist Brian Snoddy has offered his rendition of Gonzo, our favorite big blue beaked Muppet, taking over for Motor City Madman Ted Nugent on the cover of his 1978 'Weekend Warriors' album.

The Muppets and classic rock will forever be aligned and entwined -- just check out our video countdown of classic rock artists and Muppets performing together to see how strong the ties that binds the puppets and the genre truly is.

How does Gonzo fare standing in for Ted? Quite well, actually! Rocking his form-fitting bell bottoms and bullet- shooting guitar while surrounded by amps, Gonzo certainly cuts a Ted-like figure and is a believable axeman. He certainly rocks the posture.

The bigger question here is: Would Uncle Ted like it? Maybe. Just maybe.

However, a word of warning and a note of caution for Gonzo! Given Nugent's penchant for eating what he hunts, he might be dreaming up recipes featuring Gonzo once gets a load of this image. But for now, we'll just enjoy this cute pic of Gonzo knuckling down on the guitar.

You can buy this wonderful work of art directly from the artist at his official site.

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