With 1973's 'Radar Love,' Golden Earring drove into full view of the U.S. record buying public and parked themselves in our list of Top 100 Classic Rock Songs.

Formed in 1965 in the Netherlands, Golden Earring had been releasing a string of fantastic records for nearly a decade, but nothing that took hold in the US market.

With the release of their (highly recommended) 1973 album 'Moontan,' FM radio began spinning cuts like 'Vanilla Queen' and 'Candy's Going Bad,' while at the same time the driving rocker 'Radar Love' made its way to top 40 radio, reaching No. 13 on the Billboard charts.

Built around an insistent rhythm and riff, the song rides alongside its protagonist, who has been "driving all night, hands wet on the wheel" while listening to Brenda Lee's 'Comin' On Strong' -- a pretty driving little number itself we might add!

'Radar Love' opened the door for Golden Earring in the states, but would remain their only big hit here until the '80s, when they hit with 'Twilight Zone.'

Like so many of the artists featured on this list, Golden Earring are so much more than the one song or two songs they are best known for. Check out albums like 'Switch, 'Seven Tears,' 'Winter Harvest,' and 'Wall Of Dolls' for more rock action - you will not be sorry!

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Watch Golden Earring Perform 'Radar Love'

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