George Martin's final project, an eight-part documentary about the evolution of recording technology, is being promoted with a preview clip that now includes interview tributes to the legendary producer.

Martin, who passed away March 8 at the age of 90, is remembered in the clip by an array of clients, peers, and disciples that includes Ringo Starr, Brian Eno, A&M co-founder Jerry Moss, and producers Rick Rubin, Tony Visconti and Russ Titelman. Check it out via the video embed above.

The documentary series, titled Soundbreaking: Songs from the Cutting Edge of Recorded Music, was a passion project for Martin, who spent years working on it alongside his son Giles in conjunction with PBS. The series appears to have morphed out of On Record: The Soundtrack of Our Lives, a previously announced effort which the company greenlighted in 2008. A special Soundbreaking presentation is planned for SXSW on March 14.

"Music is the only common thread and universal language that binds us together regardless of race, nationality, age or income," Martin earlier said of the project. "And, recorded music is how we experience it and what makes it accessible. Through the production of Soundbreaking, I was afforded the opportunity to tell the story of the creative process of so many of the artists I have worked with throughout my life."

Soundbreaking: Songs from the Cutting Edge of Recorded Music is scheduled to reach audiences later this year, when the documentary makes its broadcast debut via PBS. Plans currently call for a November 2016 premiere, with further details to be revealed during the project's SXSW presentation.

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