Gene Simmons has taken to Twitter to offer an explanation for a YouTube video that appears to show him urinating on stage right in the middle of a Kiss concert.

The incident took place during the band's Wednesday night show in Denver, Colorado. At the 3:42 mark of the video above (we set it up to start there for your convenience), a stream of liquid flowed out from under the "God of Thunder's" codpiece during the sing-along portion of 'Hide Your Heart,' a song from 1989's 'Hot in the Shade.'

If we're being honest, that's probably the moment in the band's current set list we'd choose for a pee break as well -- but Simmons insists that's not what happened in his case. Instead, he quite logically points out that the previous song, 'I Love it Loud,' was when he did his famous blood-spitting trick. So in an effort to clean up for the rest of the show, Simmons says he poured water down the front of his outfit to get rid of the sticky mess, which consists of eggs, yogurt, cottage cheese and food coloring.

Makes sense, right? Simmons also states that he finds the whole thing "hilarious." More worryingly, he declares that he's "gotta try this in a show." So, people in the front row of tonight's concert in Auburn, Washington -- consider yourself warned! Kiss will spend the rest of the summer on tour in celebration of their 40th anniversary, along with fellow rock legends Def Leppard.

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