Gene Simmons recently sat down for a Google+ Hangout video chat about what's in store for Kiss over the next several months. And not so surprisingly, the Demon says there are some awesome things coming from the band.

At the top of the list is a new song the group has been working on called 'Your Wish Is My Command' that has Simmons way excited. “It could be the next ‘Rock and Roll All Nite,'" he told interviewer Dorothy Lucey in the video chat.

The 45-minute sit-down with Simmons comes near the end of Kiss' recent tour -- which still has a few dates in Japan -- in support of 2012's 'Monster' album. According to the interview, the group is already working on new material for another album. “We are going to go back in the studio at some point,” he said.

The band is also prepping a 40th-anniversary tour that will cover the globe. They're even considering some symphonic shows, like the one documented on 2003's 'Kiss Symphony: Alive IV.'

Simmons added that local symphony orchestras would be used at the shows. But don't worry too much about the concerts getting too fancy-ass. “We’re going to have us a good old time,” he said. “And, of course, blow stuff up.”

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