Tonight's episode of 'Gene Simmons Family Jewels' begins on the wintery ski slopes of Whistler in Vancouver, B.C., with Shannon and Sophie discussing the issue of her parents adopting a child. Sophie expresses her concerns, thinking Shannon and Gene should settle into their new lives as husband and wife first.

When back in Los Angeles Shannon admits at Dr. Wexler's office that she does not know if they will adopt, though she stilll wants to.

Over drinks, Shannon and her sister, Tracy, discuss the fact that Tracy has an extra female embryo. The next day, the two visit Tracy's doctor to speak about what it would take to have a baby. Tracy's goal is to have one at the same time Shannon does, just as they did before.

Sophie visits Nick's new residence, where they talk about the adoption agency interviews. Nick urges Sophie to do it, saying he was able to freely speak his opinion in his. That night, Tracy tells Shannon that she wants to give her the extra embryo. Shannon tells Gene of Tracy's offer, who believes it to be 'too much.' Gene admits that he is jealous because Shannon is "his."

The next morning Tracy "takes her embryo back," removing the offer from the table. Shannon fully understands.

Knowing Shannon is upset, Gene suggests that they go away on a honeymoon, anywhere she desires. It is revealed at Dr. Wexler's that it is his way to divert Shannon's needs for adoption. Dr. Wexler believes it will never work.

At home, Shannon and her friend discuss honeymoon ideas. It's decided that Africa will be the destination. However, Gene doesn't find this out until they go to the doctor's office to get vaccinations for the trip.

While shopping with Tracy, Shannon admits that her plan is for Gene to see all of the children in Africa he sponsors and hopes he will warm up to them. And so they're off to Afiica...

When arriving at the hotel, Gene finds the area fascinating and pleasantly surprising given the fact that it is a five-star hotel. Children from a nearby village perform songs and dance routines to greet them. It's an infectious experience for them both.

They head out on a safari ride. All is well until Gene discovers that where they are actually staying is a little tent, the "Beverly Hills of tents" as Shannon puts it. That night, Gene's fear of the African wildlife comes alive.

The next evening, after another safari ride, Gene is surprised by a nice dinner, all planned by Shannon. Before heading to bed Shannon tells him that they are heading to Zambia. Gene is not the least bit thrilled.

On next week's one-hour episode, Gene meets one of the many children he sponsors. It's Shannon's attempt to warm him up to the idea of adoption.