Gary Glitter has been found guilty of a series of child-sex offenses that took place in the '70s and '80s. He was convicted in a London court today.

The glam-rocker -- born Paul Gadd and best known for his Top 10 1972 hit 'Rock and Roll Part 2,' which later became a popular sports anthem -- was convicted of attempted rape, four counts of indecent assault and one count of having sex with a girl under 13.

The 70-year-old Glitter denied all of the charges against him. He was acquitted of three other charges stemming from decades-old incidents, including an indecent-assault charge and one count of "administering a drug or other thing in order to facilitate sexual intercourse," according to the BBC.

Among the damning evidence that led to the conviction was an incident involving a 10-year-old girl, who stated that Glitter crawled into her bed while she was sleeping in 1975 with intent of raping her. She said she escaped by wrapping herself in the sheets and blankets.

Two other young girls said Glitter attacked them in the late '70s and early '80s, when the singer invited them backstage after concerts. The attacks allegedly took place in a hotel room and in his dressing room.

A police spokesperson said that Glitter had "shown himself to be a sexual predator who took advantage of the star status afforded to him by targeting young girls who trusted him and were in awe of his fame" and that "his lack of remorse and defense that the victims were lying make his crimes all the more indefensible."

Glitter served four months in prison in 1999 for child pornography. He moved to Vietnam after his release. He was later convicted of the various child sex offenses. The police are still investigating other claims against Glitter, who will remain in custody until his sentencing on Feb. 27.

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