This has been old news for hardcore comics fans for years now, but what the heck, it's been a long week, and we feel like everyone could use a few minutes thinking about what might have happened if Marvel had accepted this submission depicting 'X-Men' mainstay Wolverine unexpectedly meeting up with Queen singer Freddie Mercury.

Comics Alliance posted about the rediscovery of these panels, which were (near as we can tell) originally posted by writer, editor, and artist Steve Bunche at his site the Vault of Buncheness. Calling it his "favorite example from the files, a work that never fails to make me grin from ear to ear," Bunche shares what little he recalls from this submission:

"Seriously," he writes. "How the f--- does someone even make the leap in narrative logic from depicting Wolverine stalking through the forest to having him run into Freddie Mercury of Queen for no apparent reason? That, dear readers, is a sign of true creativity."

We have to agree. And while Mercury's since been given the comic biography treatment, we can't help imagining the adventures in store for him and Wolverine in subsequent panels of that never-released artwork. The 'X-Men' books are cool and all, but what wouldn't be improved with a little more Freddie Mercury?

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