Anyone wondering who brokered the unexpected reunion between Axl Rose and Slash may be surprised to learn that Fred Durst is now taking credit. But it turns out that Durst and his band Limp Bizkit could indeed have a connection.

“I’d like you to know that we’re responsible for Axl and Slash being back together,” Durst told the crowd during his band's recent set at the Reading festival. “We had a meeting, and it went really well.” Limp Bizkit referenced Guns N' Roses' hit "Sweet Child O' Mine" from the NME/BBC Radio 1 Stage that night. Their 2000 song "My Generation" also pays tribute to another GNR classic, "Welcome to the Jungle," which Limp Bizkit have been known to cover.

Whether any of this has anything to do with Guns N' Roses' long-warring factions to forgive and forget remains unconfirmed. Still, Durst seems to have some personal insight into what's going on behind the scenes with Guns N' Roses – at least when it comes to the possibility of live dates featuring Rose and Slash. "I have a strong feeling that there's going to be a Guns N' Roses tour coming up," the Limp Bizkit frontman tells TMZ. "So you better get your tickets when they go on sale. That's all I can say."

Rose and Slash co-founded Guns N' Roses in 1985. After a series of hit albums, Slash split with the band a little more than a decade later.

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