In a recent interview with Uber Rock, one time Black Sabbath singer Tony Martin expressed surprise at some comments put forth by Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi in his recent autobiography, 'Iron Man,'  about Martin calling him "unprofessional" and having "no stage presence."

"It surprises me," says Martin, "I mean, they never said anything to me. Surely, if you've got a problem, the first person you should say something to is the person that's in the band with you. You don't wait ten years. It sounds like a really stupid thing to say, as they didn't say anything to my face, and if that's the case, then more fool them for not saying anything, because, you know, we could have fixed it. And to write about it in a book afterwards seems a bit daft to me. I'm not bitter about it, but it is surprising ... it seems a bit stupid to say that after the event."

While Martin is nowhere near as legendary as Ozzy or as revered as Ronnie James Dio, his tenure with the band has almost been erased from the history of the band.  "It seems a bit of a waste of ten years of the band's history," he continued, "To cut that out, they're not just cutting me out, they're cutting themselves out. It seems like cutting your own nose off to spite your face. Why would you want to delete ten years of your history? It seems disjointed and disconnected to me." Martin then astutely added, "It seems to me that they've got their minds elsewhere, and whatever brings them the most money seems to be what they go for."

In the meantime, Tony is keeping himself busy touring and working on a new album tentatively titled 'The Book of Shadows.'

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