Another Foo Fighters concert, another performance of a classic rock cover by a special guest. On Wednesday night (Oct. 7) at the FedEx Forum in Memphis, Dave Grohl brought out Chet Lott, a name from his past, to help sing the David Bowie and Queen duet, "Under Pressure." The video is embedded above.

In 1984, Grohl and Lott were students at Thomas Jefferson High School in Alexandria, Va., where they competed in the Battle of the Bands. Lott's video on his Facebook page has Grohl describing the backstory.

"It was the big gig," he said. "If my band can win the Battle of the Bands, I would surely go on to become the greatest living rock star of all time. [...] "We knew there were other bands, but there was no way those other bands could be as good as our band, because we were the best f–ing band in high school."

But after playing the theme from Footloose -- "I don't know what we were thinking," Grohl said, "We f–ing lost the Battle of the Bands" to Lott's group. "But tonight, I am not exacting revenge on my friend Chet Lott. I'm not doing it. I'm gonna sing this one to him."

Grohl then called out Lott onto the stage from the crowd and, after the two hugged it out, Lott told him, "We may have won the battle, but you won the war." Grohl "ordered" his former rival to sit at the foot of his throne and told him to sing along whenever he felt like it.

Lott, the son of former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, has had his own musical career, although not on the level of fame as Grohl. He's released a few country albums and opened up for many country stars. In 2007, through concerts and sales of his CDs, he donated $125,000 to the Southeastern Mississippi chapter of the American Red Cross to help with their Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.

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