The Foo Fighters are streaming a 1995 live set online -- but, proving everything old is new again, they aren't doing it with a new-fangled mp3 download. They're using what's been dubbed an "interactive cassette tape."

On a special page of the Foo Fighters' site, you'll see a graphical representation of the tape players of yore. Mouse over the cassette to pop it in, click the player door closed to load it into place, and then use the familiar (well, familiar to anyone over 30) buttons to play, rewind, fast-forward, stop or pause the music.

What you'll hear is one of the Foo Fighters' earliest shows, recorded in 1995 during their first appearance at the UK's Reading Festival -- which took place shortly after the release of the group's eponymous debut album in July of that year.

On the "tape," frontman Dave Grohl opens the set by asking the throngs in the crowd to "be nice to each other," and then he and the band launch right into a raucous rendition of 'Winnebago' and follow with several more songs fans are sure to recognize.

While the line-up for the August 2012 Reading extravaganza won't be announced until Monday, the Foo Fighters are heavily rumored to be among the headliners. In the meantime, they might be keeping busy in the studio, since Grohl -- who made quite a splash at the recent Grammy Awards -- said in December the band would be recording a new album this year. Their most recent effort, 'Wasting Light,' was released last spring.