Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson are giving Rush fans a sneak preview of bonus content from the upcoming 40th anniversary 2112 box set.

They shared a new version of "2112 Overture" performed by the Foo Fighters' Taylor Hawkins and Dave Grohl during an appearance on CBC Radio 2’s The Strumbo Show. Check out the program's site and scroll to the 46:00 mark to listen.

It's no accident that the Foo Fighters are involved. "When I got 2112 when I was eight years old, it f---ing changed the direction of my life," Grohl told Rolling Stone. "I heard the drums. It made me want to become a drummer."

The Foo Fighters performed "2112 Overture" before, complete with '70s-era garb, at Rush's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction back in 2013. "It's terrifying to play your favorite band's song in front of your favorite band," Grohl said of the experience. "It's one thing to sit in the basement and woodshed 2112, and its another to stand in front of Rush in a f---ing kimono and a wig and try to use a wah-wah pedal in your platform shoes. It was amazing."

Alice in Chains and Porcupine Tree's Steven Wilson also contributed newly recorded updates for the expanded 2112 - 40th, which includes a complete remaster of the original 1976 album. The set, which is due on Dec. 16, is rounded out by a concert DVD by Rush, recorded in 1976 at Passaic, N.J.'s Capitol Theatre.

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