Indie pop singer Feist released an album called 'Metals' last October, but don't let the title of the record fool ya. It wasn't metal. At all. However, Feist -- real name Leslie Feist --  showed her metal mettle with her raging cover of Guns N' Roses' classic power ballad 'November Rain,' which she and her band rattled off recently during a concert in Mexico City.

This "Feisty" version of 'November Rain' included a Slash doppelganger who is positioned stage right if you are facing the stage. While there was no W. Axl Rose stand in, Feist did engage in a few Axl-like antics as she proceeded to beat the living you-know-what out of a pinata that hung from the ceiling.

The girl went absolutely bananas on the thing, letting out some aggression. No doubt the hyper-charged GN'R ballad's finale helped get the adrenaline surging through her veins and helped her to work out her issues!

Don't you just love when a rock classic gets a unexpected (yet loyal) makeover such as this?

Watch Feist Cover Guns N' Roses'  'November Rain' + Beat a Pinata