The Beatles are one of the most frequently covered bands of the rock era, so to get anyone's attention with your version of one of their classic songs, you've got to do something special.

Enter Christian Diego Mello, proud father of Diogo Mello, who -- despite not having yet celebrated his second birthday -- still managed to join in with his dad for one-minute, 24-second rendition of 'Don't Let Me Down' that's racked up nearly a million YouTube views since being uploaded on May 30. It's nothing fancy -- just a father, a son, two guitars and a camera -- but it's still one of the more memorable versions of the song you're ever likely to hear.

Little Diogo's grasp of the song's chords may not be the strongest, and he doesn't actually know most of the lyrics, but once the chorus rolls around, he's right there with some top-notch (and impressively tuneful) toddler shouting. With a couple years of rehearsal, who knows? He might be able to join up with young drumming phenom Avery Molek to bring classic rock to the playground in a whole new way.

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