Fifty-four-year-old metal singer Paul Di'Anno is calling it quits in 2013. The early-days Iron Maiden frontman made the announcement on his Facebook page Monday morning. "I am gonna be "Pulling The Plug" next year 2013, and making it my "Farewell Tour," he wrote.

"It was good whilst it lasted." Di'Anno began his career with Iron Maiden in 1978, helping to release the influential 'Iron Maiden' album in 1980 and 'Killers' in 1981. He was let go in 1981, and went on to front Battlezone, Killers, and Gogmagog in addition to releasing solo music.

Soon after posting the retirement post, Di'Anno reiterates that his aggressive tour schedule for 2012 will continue as planned, with dates scheduled throughout Europe and Austraila this year. Classic Rock Magazine reports that the singer had been working on a new solo album. It's not clear how this announcement affects that project.

Di'Anno was thought to be working on new music before he was arrested and jailed in 2011 for fraudulently receiving benefits. He served two months in jail.

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