Eric Burdon's personal stake in water conservation may be the only thing that distracts one from an otherwise great song from his upcoming ''Til Your River Runs Dry' album. WIth 'Water,' the lead singer of the Animals works his message around retro production, but after the third instrumental break one grows weary of his plight. 

In short, 'Water' is about a minute too long. The second solo forward adds nothing new, just more 'Water, water, water ..."

"Water, water, water / To drink, to put down the fire / Water, water, water / The truth the shame the liar," Burdon sings during the chorus.

The song opens with a great solo that immediately ties the new song to some of his works from the past 45 years. ''Til Your River Runs Dry' promises 12 songs that express Burdon's thoughts on politics, religon and the environment. Those preparing to be preached to can relax. If the first listen is indicative of where the project is headed, Burdon's message comes through as more an artistic statement than a political one.

"This world is not for me / I'l make a new one wait and see / Hopelessness has seized the land / I will not beg, I will demand," he sings to open the song. Perhaps the most important lyric ties the four-and-a-half minute rocker together:

"The enemy does not know who the enemy is."

It's likely many will miss the tie between Burdon's verse and chorus. He's attempting to bring attention to the squandering of "the world's most precious resource," but that message takes a good effort to extract. We're better off for putting in the hard work however. A more clumsy sociopolitical statement would feel like a mallet to the head.

"This world is not what it seems / Behind these eyes the curse of dreams / Will your God forgive you then / Or will mine take his revenge."

'Water' has been officially released as ''Til Your River Runs Dry's' first single, with the full album arriving on Jan. 29.

Watch the 'Water' Lyric Video

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