Authorities averted potential disaster by arresting a British teenager accused of plotting to carry out a terrorist attack at an Elton John concert.

The Sun reports that 19-year-old Haroon Ali-Syed, a resident of West London, was arrested Sept. 8 on charges of preparing acts of terrorism. Investigators targeted the former West Thames College student on suspicion of planning to set off a nail bomb at John's Sept. 11 concert at Hyde Park.

"This defendant was attempting to carry out a terror attack on the scale of 7/7 or something like that," said prosecutor Thomas Halpin. "What started out as professed intent to become a suicide bomber crystallized into a plan to kill as many ‘Kuffar’ (unbelievers) as possible with a nail bomb."

According to the report, Syed didn't speak at his hearing beyond confirming his name, birthdate and address, but prosecutors laid out their version of the events leading up to his arrest, alleging that he attempted to hire a bomb maker after unsuccessfully applying for £8,000 worth of loans to finance his plot — telling different institutions the money was for a motorcycle, a wedding or home improvements in a fruitless bid to secure funds. According to the Daily Mail, the investigation was a joint effort between Scotland Yard and MI5, culminating in an undercover officer recording Syed's preparation for the attack.

Syed's attorney affirmed plans to seek bail for his client, but hasn't yet petitioned for it. In the meantime, Syed will remain in custody until his next hearing, which is scheduled for Sept. 19.

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