Muse may be all over the Olympic Games with their "official song" 'Survival,' but there was a point where the track might have sounded a little different.

Singer Matt Bellamy told Los Angeles station 106.7 KROQ that the theme song was initially expected to be a duet with music icon Elton John. Bellamy had previously hinted in interviews that the track was to feature an unnamed "good pianist," but finally revealed that John was the supposed guest performer intended for the track.

Bellamy explained, "Believe it or not, Elton John gave us a call and wanted to write a song for the Olympics. At one time Elton John was actually the director of the music for the Olympics. He contacted us and we thought, 'This is far out! We're going to do a song for the Olympics with Elton John?!'"

But the vocalist says that John's involvement was over a full year ago and the singer/pianist eventually pulled out of the production. Bellamy states, "He didn't want to be involved anymore because he fell out with the organizers, so that left us with a half-baked idea. At that point, we just let it go and carried on with making the album, and then the Olympics approached us again about the ending ceremony for us to play and that's when we played them the song and they said they loved it and wanted to make it an official song of some kind."