Edgar Winter, namesake of the Edgar Winter Group, has stood out from the crowd his whole life. He has albinism, a congenital disorder known for causing the absence of pigment in the skin, hair and eyes.

But while that trait definitely has a very noticeable impact on the 'Free Ride' singer's appearance, it's something else about the way he looks that we are interested in here -- namely, his uncanny resemblance to perhaps the biggest pop star on the planet at the moment, Lady Gaga.

While Lady Gaga isn't an albino, she has been known to bleach her hair to the point that it's almost, dare we say it, a wintery white. She definitely goes out of her way to stand out from the crowd. And she has slightly man-ish features that, put next to Edgar's slightly effeminate facial structure and with their heads titled the right way, makes the pair almost look like long-lost twins.

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