Eddie Van Halen's pup Kody Van Halen is a rock star in his own right. Forget his bipedal owner being the most famous member of the Van Halen clan. This four-legged creature has his own Facebook page and he's been snapped in public repeatedly. He's a rock 'n' roll, A-list pup.

Kody, who looks like a golden Pomeranian, complete with fluffy fur and tail, isn't a big, tough canine. He's actually a totable lap dog who likes to nuzzle up to dear ol' dad. Check the photo of master and pup stacking z's above. He's one good looking hot diggity dog and he's crashing out on an airplane. We're going to venture a guess that he's flying first class. He has a better seat than most humans.

Kody has already nabbed almost 800 likes and he's been sharing plenty of photos on his wall. Notice that he is cradled in his owner's arms for most of the shots. Eddie is now the rock 'n' roll version of actor Mickey Rourke, who is constantly snapped on the go with his small dogs in hand or tucked under his armpit.

Looks like EVH has a new BFF. Man's best friend indeed. Throw Kody a like and follow his future exploits. He's probably somewhere in the Pacific Northwest as of this writing -- with Van Halen's next tour date scheduled for Saturday, May 5 in Tacoma, Wash.

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