OK we now know the No. 1 challenge involved in keeping Van Halen's reunion together. Each and every day, David Lee Roth has to resist the urge to make fun of what is apparently Eddie Van Halen's tiny pomeranian dog, Kody.

Lord knows, that's not gonna be easy. As you can see from this TMZ report, Kody's not the most rock-star looking dog in the world. In recent years, it has come to light that Roth is actually a big canine trainer. During each show on the band's current tour, the singer's been treating fans to a short video presentation explaining the difference between his sheep and cattle-herding dogs. No, we're not kidding - see for yourself.

So imagine the restraint it is taking "Diamond Dave" not to unleash one of what must be 47,000 at-the-ready quips about Eddie having a dog more naturally associated with a socialite like Kim Kardashian every time the guitarist shows up backstage or on a tour bus with Kody.

You know what, though? Eddie's got nothing to explain to anybody. We tore through Van Halen's new album 'A Different Kind of Truth' two times in a row this morning, and holy cow is he on fire throughout. As far as we're concerned, Eddie could wear a dress, high heels and hair curlers and we're still going to as many shows as we can on this tour.

Meet Eddie Van Halen's Dog Kody

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