Guns N' Roses bassist Duff McKagan has tackled an assortment of subjects through his busy side career as a writer over the years, and his latest editorial is sure to provoke strong reactions on either side of the political divide.

Writing for Noisey, McKagan turned his focus to gun control in a recent column, writing that although he understands there's "some super-heavy s--- going down in the world right now" and he doesn't want to "write some piece-of-s--- article to create another snazzy social media 'headline' for people to click on and f---ing 'like,'" he felt compelled to weigh in on what he sees as a common-sense, cut-and-dried argument.

"When President Obama came out with his announcement of trying to procure background checks for online sales and at gun shows," continued McKagan, "I was slightly stunned that this practice hadn't been in use since the, uh, the advent of modern-day gun sales."

The source of the announcement notwithstanding, McKagan resisted pointing political fingers in his editorial, saying that he no longer thinks of himself as identifying with one party or the other because politicians are "all mostly a--holes at this point." That said, he doesn't understand why the idea of background checks or assault weapons bans is even really up for debate.

"So let's do some tweaking. Background checks for all gun sales? Hell yes, right? What's the argument against that? Banning AK-47's and the like? Probably a damn good idea, right? Who needs them?" he questioned. "I understand and respect the right to bear arms, but do some of you actually think we maintain this right still for the sole purpose of the 'in case' of our own government somehow taking over (as opposed to fighting off the English imperialistic monarchy in 1775)? This all seems as basic to me, as banning sales of guns here for people who are on the no-fly list. Is there something I am missing here?"

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