Dream Theater have revealed the artwork and track listing for their new double-disc set The Astonishing, and it looks every bit as ambitious as earlier reports suggested.

As previously reported, The Astonishing, expected in early 2016, is a "rock opera" that tells the story of Ravenskill Rebel Militia's efforts to overthrow the Great Northern Empire of the Americas in the year 2285 — a conflict led by the Empire's “Lord Nafaryus, Emperor and Head of the Realm [and] Heir to the Mantle of Makers" and the Rebels' "Arhys, Son of Marhys, one of three remaining heirs to the displaced, forgotten and forbidden Legion of Sorrowful Song."

More information is available at a series of pages posted at the band's website, where fans can learn more about the major players in The Astonishing's story — and get a good look at the complete album cover, which is described as an "ominous invitation" to the record's "retro-futurist dystopian setting."

"The deceptively beautiful yet chillingly totalitarian image is a bold harbinger of the visual components and ideas presented by the sonic story that is our most ambitious creative work to date," promises the band. "We are very proud to soon bring you ... The Astonishing."

Dream Theater, 'The Astonishing' Track Listing
Act I
“Descent of the NOMACS”
“Dystopian Overture”
“The Gift of Music”
“The Answer”
“A Better Life”
“Lord Nafaryus”
“A Savior in the Square”
“When Your Time Has Come”
“Act of Faythe”
“Three Days”
“The Hovering Sojourn”
“Brother, Can You Hear Me?”
“A Life Left Behind”
“A Tempting Offer”
“Digital Discord”
“The X Aspect”
“A New Beginning”
“The Road to Revolution”

Act II
“2285 Entr’acte”
“Moment of Betrayal”
“Heaven’s Cove”
“Begin Again”
“The Path That Divides”
“Machine Chatter”
“The Walking Shadow”
“My Last Farewell”
“Losing Faythe”
“Whispers in the Wind”
“Hymn of a Thousand Voices”
“Power Down”

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