Don Was has enjoyed his time as a musician, heading up '80s collective Was (Not Was), but in recent years he's been more known for his production prowess.

The musician, who has been racking up the credits with the likes of Kris Kristofferson, Anita Baker, and Van Morrison of late, also has a long-standing relationship with the Rolling Stones and it paid off for him earlier this year when he was asked to play with the group while the cameras were rolling on a documentary that was being shot.

Was tells Billboard, "It was intoxicating, man. They're the best band ever - really. It's a joy to play with them. They get a groove going … I was situated to the left of Keith [Richards], with Charlie [Watts] on my left, and you can ride that all day. It's an amazing groove cushion. It was fun. I was really sorry to see it end."

Those sessions took place back in May as the band got back together to rehearse for the first time in a while. But even with a closer insight than most of us would have, Was was as unsure about the band's current 50th Anniversary plans as most everyone else. He explained, "They're getting together, and there's a number of plans on the table, but what they'll do is still coming together."