UPDATE: Jerry Casale said he had nothing to do with the 9/11 theme of his recent wedding. He told TMZ that one of his friends was behind it.

Devo co-founder Jerry Casale reportedly celebrated his recent nuptials with a bizarre 9/11-themed party on the 14th anniversary of the horrific murder of nearly 3,000 Americans.

Casale married Krista Napp on Sept. 11 at Michael's Restaurant in Santa Monica, and served a reception cake that featured the bride and groom's images on top of the fallen World Trade Center towers. (There's a photo of the cake, for those not sufficiently shocked already, available.) Guests were given real box cutters – similar to the weapons reportedly used in the hijacking of a plane that later hit the Pentagon on that same day in 2001 – as party favors. The table-setting cards also included engraved box cutters that featured the couple's names.

TMZ reports that one guest chalked up this curious choice in themes to the dark sense of humor of the host, describing Casale as someone with "real heart as an artist" and "a super sweet guy."

Casale -- along with his brother Jerry and siblings Bob and Mark Mothersbaugh, as well as drummer Alan Myers -- co-founded Devo in Akron in the early '70s. After critical success, they broke in the mainstream in 1980 with the Top 20 hit "Whip It," which was one of the first heavy-rotation videos to air on MTV. Jerry Casale later became a successful video director, working with artists like Rush, Soundgarden and Foo Fighters, among others.

Myers died in 2013; Bob Casale passed away in 2014. Devo continue today as a four-piece unit with the Motherbaughs, Casale and drummer Josh Freese.

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