Former Styx front man Dennis DeYoung hasn't been an active member of the group he helped found since 1999, but he still makes his living by playing their greatest hits. DeYoung's current solo band is geared toward recreating the classic Styx sound as closely as possible, and the singer, songwriter and keyboardist has revealed that he is hoping to re-stage the superstar rock group's most successful tour for an upcoming DVD release.

Styx released 'Paradise Theatre' in January of 1981. Featuring DeYoung's hit ballad 'The Best of Times' and guitarist Tommy Shaw's 'Too Much Time on My Hands,' it became Styx' only No. 1 album, and the conceptual road show in support of the record was one of the most successful tours in rock music history to that point. Shaw left the group during their next tour in support of 1983's 'Kilroy Was Here,' but reunited with his former bandmates in 1996 for the Return to Paradise tour, which re-staged the original show almost note-for-note and spawned a hit live album and home video.

DeYoung's current solo act is geared toward Styx's greatest hits, which has proven so popular that he is planning to incorporate his current band into a re-staging of the 'Paradise Theatre' tour, with an eye toward putting out a DVD. This would be the third time the show has been staged in its entirety, which DeYoung acknowledged in the following humorous posting to his official website:

I've toyed with the idea of recreating the Paradise theater tour one more time, janitor, back drops, simulated marquee and all but I'll have to get permission from the United Tour Association of That Again. Possible tour names are Paradise Now and Forever, Return to the Return of the Return of Paradise or simply Tonights The Night We'll Repeat History. We did recreate the scenic elements for a show in Montrreal in I think '08 but without some of the songs we currently perform. I have a copy of the original setlist from 1981 and It could be great with this band. I've already ordered one blond wig, an afro wig, a tux, a fake Tom Selleck moustache a space suit and a Shakey's Pizza uniform. Nothing like red satin pants on a 65 year old.Seriously I think this show will make a great DVD. Or maybe will just do The Serpent Is Rising start to finish including Handel's Messiah done with the Moron Tabernacle Choir. They're not as good as the Mormons but their cheaper. I believe I just heard the sound of no tickets being sold. Good grief get this guy a shot at open mic night at Zanies Comedy Club.

Of course, DeYoung is not the first classic rocker to re-stage his older work for a new tour. In fact, his former Styx bandmates performed both 'The Grand Illusion' and 'Pieces of Eight' live in their entirety for a tour in 2010, releasing a DVD of the show in January of 2012.

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