We are pleased to present an exclusive live performance of ‘The Best Of Times’ from former Styx vocalist Dennis DeYoung's latest release, ‘Dennis DeYoung And The Music Of Styx - Live In Los Angeles.'

As the title indicates, the concert was recorded earlier this year at the El Rey in Los Angeles, and finds DeYoung’s voice amazingly intact, with almost no wear as he approaches his fifth decade as an artist. In fact, he performs all of the songs in their original keys!

When asked what he remembers about writing 'The Best of Times,' one of the key tracks from his former band's chart-topping 1981 album 'Paradise Theatre,' DeYoung quickly credits the Beatles for inspiration. "Well, my recollection is that I think I was trying to write something from ‘Abbey Road’ and it didn’t come out as well. Nobody can beat those songs on ‘Abbey Road.’ You know, I was thinking of a McCartney song when I was writing it. And you know, from ‘Golden Slumbers’ to the end, to me, I don’t know if it ever got any better than that for anybody. To me, that’s just pure genius. So I think that’s what I was doing. Many times... when you start writing, you’re thinking of the great writers that you’ve always respected and admired and somehow from time to time, those things creep into what you’re writing."

'Dennis DeYoung And The Music Of Styx - Live In Los Angeles' is available as a 2CD/DVD and Blu-Ray which can be ordered on Amazon.com here and here. The audio portion is available on iTunes for pre-order here and customers who pre-order on iTunes will receive an instant download of 'The Best Of Times,' 'The Grand Illusion' and 'Lorelei.'

We'll have much more from our exclusive conversation with DeYoung -- including the exact year he declares the classic rock genre to have died -- in the coming days.