Former Styx singer Dennis DeYoung has released a video for his song“With All Due Respect.”

It’s taken from his solo album 26 East, Vol. 1, which was released last month and forms part of his final studio project. You can watch the video below.

“In 1979," DeYoung explained, "I wrote the following lyric in a Styx song called ‘Borrowed Time’: ‘I’m so confused by the things I read, I need the truth but the truth is I don't know who to believe. The left says yes and the right say no, I’m in between and the more I learn the less that I know. We’re living High, Living fine, Living high on borrowed time.'

“These lyrics were true in 1979 and more so today. The news establishment has given into partisanship reporting masquerading as truth in a quest for more listeners, readers and viewers. They exacerbate our political differences into grand theater making us believe we are more divided than we are and for one reason: money. Money from advertisers. Higher ratings no matter the cost. Both sides are to blame.”

26 East, Vol. 1 is the first of two album releases after DeYoung’s record label persuaded him to extend the project. Details of the second volume haven’t been announced yet, but in an interview earlier this month, the singer said, “Seven songs are written and recorded. I wanna put two more on. That'll be a total of 19 songs you got from me as I exit stage left immediately. That’s it. I’ve gotta do some more work. But really, for me, that’s it. I've got nothing more to say. I've said what I needed to say to you. ... I’m so thankful, and so is my family, that so many people gave us this incredible life that we are able to live. That’s it.”


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