Could electronic dance music superstar Skrillex end up producing the next Def Leppard album?

It seems like an unlikely collaboration, but in the wake of their new 'Viva Hysteria' live package, the guys in the band are feeling energized and open to new possibilities. Guitarists Phil Collen and Vivian Campbell, along with drummer Rick Allen, sat down for an interview with Rolling Stone recently to discuss their plans for the future, and it sounds like there's a lot of new music on the horizon.

Saying they have "a s---load of new songs," Collen said that the main holdup right now is answering the questions you have to settle before you enter the studio: "What direction are we gonna take? Who are we gonna get to produce it? Are we gonna do it ourselves? Are we gonna do multiple stuff?" Lacking easy answers, Collen added, "An album would obviously take too long, so we're gonna do about four or five songs, get those out and then next year have an album come out, so it'll be an EP and an album."

As for who he'd like to work with once the band gets rolling again? "I love Skrillex. I think [he's] f---ing awesome, and he's a huge fan," said Collen of the popular DJ. "Love to work with him, that would be killer. It's pretty specific and it's not necessarily Def Leppard, [but] I think it'd be great."

Between those plans and the live package, there's a whole lot of activity around a band that's generally known for taking a long time between projects -- something that Collen and Allen say was partially spurred by watching Campbell go through his recent cancer struggle. "It reminded me of my own vulnerabilities, and the whole idea of just being courageous in the face of something so daunting," explained Allen, who knows a thing or two about fighting back from health woes. "I was just feeling for him, and it reminded me of where I was not too long ago, and it made me do the best I could. He rose to the occasion, and it was like, 'F--- me, I better pull out all the stops.' Collectively, it just felt as if the whole band rose to the occasion."

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