This should be fun! David Lee Roth, the reinstated frontman of the mighty Van Halen, has made his presence known on Twitter and Facebook. Alas, the typically verbose wordsmith hasn't unleashed his full poetic fury yet, even though we've hit "refresh" about 73 times looking for something along the lines of "Hummala bebhuhla zeebuhla boobuhla hummala bebhuhla zeebuhla bop!"

In fact, so far, all he's said on his official Facebook page is "Get Ready...," while on Twitter he's being slightly more chatty ("Get Ready for...), but still not even coming close to the 140 characters he's allowed. Now, more than ever, we want the new Van Halen album to be a huge raving critical and commercial success, because that would most likely result in Roth strutting in full "peacock feathers" mode all over the internet without any filters or delays.

According to the always reliable Van Halen News Desk, recent rumors that Eddie Van Halen was unhappy with Roth's vocals for the much-discussed but completely mysterious new VH record are not based in fact. Apparently everyone's very satisfied with his work and the album, and the band is merely planning for the release date and tour that's expected to follow.

Meanwhile, former Van Halen members Michael Anthony and Sammy Hagar are getting ready to hit the road in support of Chickenfoot's new album 'III,' with tickets going on sale today for a five-date series of concerts.

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