On Jan. 29, 1972, David Bowie took the stage at the Borough Assembly Hall in Aylesbury, England, on what might have been an otherwise unremarkable night as he warmed up for his first major tour in four years. Except this was the night that Ziggy Stardust began to take shape.

Bowie appeared with freshly cut bright red hair, wearing a bomber jacket and red plastic boots. His band, though not yet called the Spiders from Mars, was also moving toward a more outrageous look by sporting matching gold suits.

Bowie's vision for glam rock's most popular figure was almost complete, making this concert -- and any memorabilia from it -- a signature moment in music history.

It's no surprise then that 37 eBay bidders drove the price up to $2,200 when the son of the concert's promoter offered an authentic poster from the date. Sold with a signed letter of authenticity from David Stopps, the post included photocopies of other archival items from the concert.