Guns N' Roses production manager Dale "Opie" Skjerset stopped for a few minutes while loading in for the group's July 19 show in Boston to offer fans a glimpse behind the scenes — and solve the mystery of what happened to Dave Grohl's rock 'n' roll throne after GNR frontman Axl Rose returned it.

Speaking with Boston rock station WAAF, Skjerset discussed a few of the mundane details of the road — like how many trucks and miles of cable it takes to pull off a Guns N' Roses show in 2016 — before offering a little commentary on the seemingly sedate state of the band these days, and how it happened that one of rock's most infamously unpredictable groups has managed to make things run so smoothly this time around.

"It's the world of Guns N' Roses," laughed Skjerset. "We've all matured, we've all gotten older. We all know what's happening, and we know what we want. With them too — they all know what they want. They want a good show, and they want to serve their fans and give it to them."

But it's hard to talk about this tour without making mention of Rose's injured foot, which forced him to conduct his onstage business from the custom-made throne Grohl had built after he suffered his own concert injury last year. Happily, Skjerset says Rose has put that gimpy stretch fully behind him.

"It's all good, foot's doing well," he added. "We did that whole run — six shows with Guns, and then we probably did seven shows with AC/DC with the chair. Now he's fully mobile, moving around."

As for the chair, however, some surgery might be required. "We gave him the chair back, yes, they got the chair back," grinned Skjerset when asked whether it was returned. "In parts, but they got it."

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