Danny Collins,’ a movie inspired by a real-life story that involved John Lennon and features songs by the late Beatle, will open in theaters next month. You can watch the trailer, which includes Lennon's ‘Instant Karma,’ above.

The film, which stars Al Pacino, is based on the life of Steve Tilston, an up-and-coming musician who gave an interview in 1971 in which he worried about the trappings of fame. Lennon read that article and wrote a letter to Tilston offering his encouragement and his home phone number. But the letter got lost, and Tilston only became aware of its existence in 2005, when a collector tracked him down.

In this movie, Danny Collins becomes a major star and turns into exactly what he never wanted to be — a nostalgia act with nothing left to say and somewhat of a joke. The arrival of a man bearing Lennon’s letter makes him realize how far he has fallen, so he goes on a quest for redemption. He cancels a tour and moves into a hotel in New Jersey, where he tries to rediscover his muse and connect with the adult son he's never met.

There have been some changes since we first wrote about this movie two years ago. In addition to the title change (it was first called 'Imagine'), Bobby Cannavale is now playing the son instead of Jeremy Renner, and Annette Bening has replaced Julianne Moore as the hotel manager. Jennifer Garner and Christopher Plummer also have major roles.

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