Intuit QuickBooks have paired the rambunctious playtime of little girls with the raucous sounds of a classic Slade song in their new ad campaign for 'Goldie Blox,' which you may have seen and heard in a high-profile Super Bowl commercial last night. If you missed it, you can watch it above.

As the company's press release announces, "Girls across America take to the streets to rally against their ordinary pink toys." And they do so by switching the rousing chorus of Slade's 'Cum on Feel the Noize' to "come on, get your toys." "More than pink, pink, pink, we want to think, think, think" sing the kids as they cause general mayhem all around. The girls want more out of their toys than the usual little-girl stuff, and what better way to do that than to bring some rockin' Slade to the mix?

Though to be fair, most U.S. viewers are more familiar with Quiet Riot's Top 10 remake from 1983. We're betting whoever came up with this commercial probably has never heard Slade's original 1973 version of the song. But just play along and help us cheer on the great, underrated Slade, won't you? Maybe the intentional misspelling in the 'GoldieBlox' commercial -- which won the Small Business, Big Game award for an independent company to have its ad air during the Super Bowl -- is a winking tribute to Slade.

The British band's single rode the U.K. charts for 12 weeks, hitting the top spot in the spring of 1973, becoming the band's fourth No.1 single in less than a year. A decade later, the Los Angeles-based Quiet Riot would reach No. 5 with their cover.

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