Corey Taylor opened up about his 2010 tryout with Velvet Revolver. In a new installment of Loudwire's Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction series, the Slipknot and Stone Sour singer was asked about the sessions he recorded with the band after they split with Scott Weiland.

As he notes in the above video, they did "nine or 10" songs. "There was a handful that we wrote, and there was a handful that I kind of rearranged a little bit based on music that they already had," he says. "So it wasn't music that we kind of wrote together. I mean, there were, like, three songs that we wrote together, which were actually pretty sweet. And then the rest of it was me writing to music that they already had, that I thought was pretty cool."

But as much as Taylor liked the material, he doesn't have an issue with the idea of the tapes staying in the vaults forever unless he gets the opportunity to fine-tune it. "The world will probably never hear them, which is fine, because I would want another crack at kind of working on some of that stuff anyway. But that will never happen, so it's all good."

Taylor echoes Slash's admission last year that both the Slipknot singer and Sebastian Bach were considered for the vacated vocalist role. Slash said that the decision to not hire Taylor was his. “Everybody was rallying for him,” he said. “And I love Corey to death, but something about it was just a little bit too – what’s the word for it? You know how Corey sings. It’s a very macho kind of thing. But it didn’t have certain elements I thought it needed. So we just didn’t go down that path. And that was the closest so far.”

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