Some of the most image-savvy classic rockers around have learned the value of a cool costume in helping them put across the message and mood of their music in front of a live audience.

Obviously, the famous studio takes of classic songs from Alice Cooper, David Bowie, and Kiss may well have been recorded in jeans and t-shirts, or bathrobes, or heck... nude, for all we know. But presenting themselves on album covers and in concert as a man from outer space, or a demon, or even a flower, can help the artist establish a visual identity that pulls the listener into a more desirable and receptive headspace.

In association with our sister site,, you'll see on the following pages how a wide range of artists used costumes -- from serious to joking to scary and everywhere in between -- to accentuate specific parts of their personalities and help enhance their music visually. Get your best duds on and prepare for the Coolest Costumes in Rock!

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