Do you know which future rock star is pictured in this yearbook photo? Want some help?

This grizzled rock veteran was born in Toronto, Canada, in 1945, spending most of his youth moving with his mom to different Canadian towns before settling in Winnipeg and attending Earl Grey Junior High School. It was here he formed his first band, The Jades, soon after dropping out of school to pursue music full time.

After meeting Joni Mitchel on the local folk scene, penning a Canadian Top 40 hit for the Guess Who and joining the Rick James-fronted band Mynah Birds, he moved with a friend to Los Angeles, where he would go on to form a critically acclaimed folk-psych band, begin a solo career and then join the folk-rock supergroup that won the 1969 "Best New Artist" Grammy Award and made all four members household names.

Since then, he's become a massively influential solo artist and periodically reunites with the aforementioned supergroup when he finds the time.