The marriage of rock and theater goes back further than you might think. Click through the below gallery of Classic Rock Broadway and Stage Musicals and you'll find a host of famous musicians who've attempted to create their own theatrical projects – with wildly different levels of success.

Attracting younger audiences has always been the Holy Grail for theater producers. The late '60s and early '70s saw Hair and Grease successfully bring rock music and stories about youth culture to the stage. And as rock began to take on grander musical and lyrical concepts – and concerts became more theatrical – it became natural for rock stars to adapt their music to the theater, either in entirely new creations or as "jukebox musicals" that used an act's existing catalog of hits.

Still, artists have found the transition to the stage is not always smooth. While several shows have been very successful, other attempts are considered to be among theater's biggest flops. Find out more as we take a chronological look at Classic Rock Broadway and Stage Musicals.

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