Don’t look for a reconciliation between Chris Robinson and his brother Rich any time soon. In a new interview, Chris reveals that, despite being in the Black Crowes with his brother for more than 20 years, the two have never been close, and that it was the obligation of being in a successful band, rather than familial ties, that kept them together for so long.

Taking questions from fans at Huff Post Live, Chris says of Rich, “We never really had much of a relationship. I mean, that’s the thing […] You write some songs and that record sells six million copies and then you’re supposed to keep going. And then there’s family and there’s responsibility and stuff.”

The Black Crowes announced their breakup last month when Rich issued a statement in which he suggested that Chris was trying to gain full control of the band. "I love my brother and respect his talent, but his present demand that I must give up my equal share of the band and that our drummer for 28 years and original partner, Steve Gorman, relinquish 100 percent of his share, reducing him to a salaried employee, is not something I could agree to."

For all the perpetual animosity between the two, Robinson has few regrets about his time in the band. “I’m proud of the work,” he continues. “The Black Crowes gave me everything […] the sheer, humble gift that that weird kid in Atlanta in the ‘80s could find his way through the world as an artist […] I was in the Black Crowes for 20-something years. That was fantastic. What a rare, unique opportunity […] It was great. It was cool. All the bad stuff, all the good stuff. It is what it is."

But that doesn’t stop him from saying that he’s on a quest for something that he never felt he got from the group, saying, “Joy is what I’m after.”

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