Chickenfoot fans will be able to celebrate the band's entire output with a very special box set early next year. The group have announced the 'I + III + LV' collection, which will encompass both of their first two albums, plus the limited-edition live album they put out.

earMusic will offer the collection on Jan. 25, with the 'LV' portion more than likely being the most attention-drawing part of the set. Initially limited to 10,000 numbered copies in Europe, the 'LV' set features over on hour of live music, including four unreleased live songs from the band's touring for the 'III' album. Also included is a series of very rare digital bonus tracks and live b-sides. The set features longtime John Mellencamp drummer Kenny Aronoff, who filled in on drums while Chad Smith was out fulfilling his obligations to the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

As for the other bonuses, fans can expect the rare b-side from the original 'Chickenfoot' album, 'Bitten by the Wolf,' to be part of the collection. And the 'Chickenfoot III' disc will come with the bonus DVD of content, videos and live music that were part of the limited deluxe edition for the 'III' record.

Speaking about the 'LV' live release, Sammy Hagar remarked, "Every now and then with great bands some songs just outdo the original recordings live -- a la 'Live at Leeds,' 'Frampton Comes Alive,' etc. I feel these four live Chickenfoot tracks do just that -- especially 'Something Going Wrong.' If it were 20 years ago when DJs were allowed to play what they wanted to play, this song would be a hit at rock radio. There's magic there, check it out. If the fur doesn't come up on your arms, it wasn't loud enough! Crank it up and enjoy!"

Chickenfoot 'I + III + LV' Track Listing:

1. 'Avenida Revolucion'
2. 'Soap on a Rope'
3. 'Sexy Little Thing'
4. 'Oh Yeah'
5. 'Runnin' Out'
6. 'Get It Up'
7. 'Down the Drain'
8. 'My Kinda Girl'
9. 'Learing to Fall'
10. 'Turnin' Left'
11. 'Future in the Past'
12. 'Bitten by the Wolf'

1. 'Last Temptation'
2. 'Alright Alright'
3. 'Different Devil'
4. 'Up Next'
5. 'Lighten Up'
6. 'Come Closer'
7. 'Three and a Half Letters'
8. 'Big Foot'
9. 'Dubai Blues'
10. 'Something Going Wrong'
1. 'The Making of Chickenfoot III'
2. 'Behind the Scenes'
3. 'The Packaging'
4. 'Greeting'
Bonus Videos
1. 'Big Foot'
2. 'Turning Left' (Live From Phoenix)
3. 'Sexy Little Thing'

1. 'Lighten Up'
2. 'Big Foot'
3. 'Last Temptation'
4. 'Something Going Wrong'
5. 'Oh Yeah'
6. 'Down the Drain'
7. 'Turnin' Left'
8. 'My Kinda Girl'
9. 'Learning to Fall'

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