Ozzy Osbourne's 'Crazy Train' is being featured in the promotional campaign for Comedy Central's forthcoming roast of the always entertaining Charlie Sheen. That means that Ozzy is also "winning!" Sheen --he of the tiger blood and Adonis DNA-- is appearing in a handful of TV spots promoting the roast. In one particular commercial, the self-styled "Sheenius" plays a conductor of –you guessed it- a crazy train! Insert Ozzy's maniacal laugh, which starts the song, here.

In the 30-second spot, which is steeped in Sheen-speak, the actor is running the Roast Express, which makes stops at Sheen-friendly locations like Goddess Harbor, Winnington, Tiger Valley and Dude Can't Handle It Unplug this Bastard Junction.

A hot chick asks "Charlie, does this train stop at Normalville?," to which Sheen replies, "Honey, we left there a long time ago." Ain't that the truth! This is one train that's going off the rails and happily so. It's also quite possibly one of the most effective uses of a popular Ozzy song in some time.

The Charlie Sheen Roast is set for Sept. 19. One thing that could make the Sheen roast even more entertaining? If Ozzy himself showed up to verbally burn the actor. It's a pipe dream, but we can hope, can't we?

Watch Charlie Sheen Roast Commercial Featuring 'Crazy Train'