Chad Smith is undoubtedly a busy man, what with his main job drumming for the Red Hot Chili Peppers and his side gig keeping the beat with Chickenfoot. Yet despite the demands on his time, there's one man he's willing to clear up his schedule for at a moment's notice. One man that a jam session with would be fulfilling a dream so big that he could check an item off his bucket list. One man he really, really, really wants to jam along to some Jimi Hendrix with.

“I would like to perform or write music with Jimmy Page,” Smith said of the Led Zeppelin guitarist during a recent interview with Bloomfield Community TV's 'Concert Prodigy' series. “I've met him and he's come to see us -- and he's a great guy."

Smith continues, possibly making the case in his head on how such a collaboration could be destined to happen. "We actually have the same manager and Led Zeppelin is no longer and I know he's still playing," he adds. "C'mon Jimmy, what do you say, just one hour!”

Yeah, c'mon, Jimmy! That's not a lot to ask for! And all we ask for is a chance to listen to the results.