We remember George Harrison on what would’ve been his 69th birthday, Saturday, Feb.25. Widely known as the “quiet” Beatle, it was Harrison’s sense of humor that we often found the most charming. In celebration of his special day, we’ve selected a few historic yet humorous video clips for you to ponder but not before you ace this True or False trivia test.

True or False: George Harrison and John Lennon Liked to Smoke Marlboro's While in the USA?

True. This clip was shot during the Beatles first visit to the USA. “It’s a big cigarette for a big man” says Lennon which gets a lot of laughs. As for the joking about the microknee finger, it’s likely that the lads were poking fun at Kent cigarettes, based on the brand’s advertisement promoting its micronite filter.

Watch Harrison and Lennon Promote a Brand of Cigarettes:

2. True or False: Harrison Preferred Being 21 Over 20?

False. Harrison graciously thanks his admirers for remembering his 21st birthday and shows off an oversized card that pictures himself. Clearly, he fancies one age above the other but the fortified cake and 52 bags of “stuff” sent from fans, arrives all the same.

Watch Harrison’s 21st Birthday Message:

3. True or False: Harrison Makes a Mighty Good Pirate?

True. Long before Johnny Depp aced the pirate role, Harrison played Pirate Bob on Eric Idle’s 1975 Rutland Weekend television show. The one-legged, one-eyed, hook-handed Harrison pulls it off, ready to fly his jolly rancher after he pulls a fast one during the performance on the show.

Watch Eric Idle (Monty Python!) and Harrison Ham it Up:

4. True or False: Harrison Prefers Watching Films with Large Groups of People?

False. This ‘Ready Steady Go’ clip finds Harrison talking about America’s drive-in movies while acknowledging that their fame makes it tough to go to theaters. “Sometimes we see private films...just 'cause their private; they’re not sort of dirty ones.” Harrison also talks about their preference for James Bond films and American soul records.

Watch Harrison Interviewed on ‘Ready Steady Go’:

5. True or False: Harrison was “Pretty Excited” to be Interviewed on Weird Al TV?

False. Harrison is the jokerman’s prey in this faked one-on-one sit-down with Weird Al Yankovic on MTV’s ‘Al TV’ in 1988. It's edited to make it seems like one feels like cutting the air with a knife, but instead the viewer is baited to crack up as Yankovic and Harrison bounce zinging comments off one another.

Watch Weird Al Yankovic Harass George Harrison: